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Changes to the driving theory test. Introducing Case Studies.

28 September 2009

Case Study Example

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has changed the format of current driving theory test. Here’s a snippet from the DSA’s own press release.

From today [28 September 2009], candidates who take the theory test for car drivers, moped and motorcycle riders will be asked some of the questions in a new case study format.

The introductory theory test case study will take the form of a scenario, or short story, on which five multiple choice questions will be based. Candidates will answer the questions in the normal way using the touch screen or mouse.

DSA’s Director of Driver Education and Learning, Jill Lewis, said: “Case studies are widely used in education to put learning into context and test comprehension of a subject, so many candidates will have encountered this type of question before.

“Initially we have introduced one case study based on existing questions in the theory test question bank, to get candidates used to the concept. It will also allow us to monitor any impact on the theory test. Over time, we plan to introduce more case studies into the theory test to assess candidates’ understanding of what they have learned.”

We’ve already updated Theory Test Pro to support the new case study format. The screenshot above has actually been taken from Theory Test Pro. If you’re a Theory Test Pro subscriber then this update is automatic and free. You don’t need to do anything.

We will be introducing more case studies over time. The DSA have provided us with a case study example and we’ve incorporated this into Theory Test Pro. Note that this is an example and will not appear in the official test. None of the official case studies are kept secret and are not publicly available.

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  1. 28 September 2009 10:56 pm

    Today’s the day it changes, if it works well, I can see more of the questions changing to the case study format.

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