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How to promote your e-resources for Adult Learners’ Week

7 April 2010

Adult Learners’ Week is only one month away. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your e-learning resources. Here is our checklist for promoting our services during this all important week.

1. Run a Britishness test competition

How British are you? Download our quiz PDF and have members take the 24 question Life in the UK Quiz, and see how British they are. You may be surprised.

Last year, we ran a quiz for the British citizenship test at the City College Norwich. This helped promote ESOL classes as well as profiling citizenship and the issues surrounding it. The target audience for the competition included a range of people – British citizens, migrant workers, people seeking citizenship and others living and working here as well as Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Although is an online study programme, the quiz sheets for the competition were deliberately kept low-tech.

You can download PDF copies of the quiz and are free adapt and use them however you wish*.

* just one exception: you must keep the copyright notice in the footer.

2. Use our Free posters to promote your e-Resources

You can order free posters from us by signing into your Library Dashboard. We also offer posters in PDF format that you can download and print. To order posters, simply sign into your Library Dashboard and click on the Publicity tab.

3. Give clear instructions showing how users can get started

We’ve prepared quick and simple instructions on how to sign up and begin using our services. You are free to reference or print any of these to help get your members started.

4. Send a press release to local media

We can help you get the word out to local media. We’ve produced a Press Release template that you can use to publicise the e-resources in your library. Again, all of this is available on your Library Dashboard in the publicity tab.

Simply download the press release template for the service you want to promote, customise the text and send to the local media organisations in your area.

5. Not a subscriber? Sign up for the week for free.

If you would like to offer any of our e-resource services during Adult Learner’s week then you can do this for free. Simply complete the sign up form for the service you want to offer: Theory Test Pro or You’ll get instant access to the service and will be able to offer it over the course of Adult Learners’ Week.

We are very excited to be part of Adult Learners’ Week and look forward to working together to bring this useful information to the public.

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