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Librarians telling it like it is. What we learnt from our users this summer.

23 July 2010

“An excellent resource that is simple to use and that fills a gap in the market for online resources at a competitive price”

Josie Butterworth, Bolton Library

This summer, we asked our library subscribers to participate in a Theory Test Pro case study.

The questions covered two main areas: What do you think of our product and what pressures are you facing both in terms of budget and wider Government pressures?

In respect to Well Informed. The campaign raised two interesting service points:

  • How do libraries effectively promote online resources to their users? and,
  • How do libraries show off Theory Test Pro to prospective users?

These are problems that we are very conscious of. Following this campaign, we have been working to develop downloadable resources for library users to take advantage of. We’re hoping these will be useful additions to our existing online badges.

In addition, we’ve started adding How-To’s to our FAQ pages. We’re also looking to develop a how-to that illustrates product features from start to finish. This will detail Theory Test Pro in a walk-through scenario that you can show to prospective users.

But we also wanted to know what the sentiments were at the grass roots of public libraries. What are the core concerns at the moment? Here’s what we found out:

  • How can you coordinate national and regional leadership so that resources and investment creates the best opportunities?
  • How to build a successful online range of services?
  • Budget, budget, budget. Getting on and making more with less. Making ends meet with poor funding.
  • Making sure libraries maintain their crucial role in developing access to education in the community.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey. It’s all about communicating with our customers so always get in touch.

We also took this opportunity to ask librarians about their experiences with Theory Test Pro. We hoped it would be a positive campaign- and, thankfully we weren’t disappointed.

“Definitely value for money. The theory test CD-ROM software I used to buy had a habit of not loading, breaking and even disappearing from stock!”

Anne Coulson, Manchester Library

“Almost 1,200 of our library users registered to use Theory Test Pro in the first year – I’m happy with that”

Michael McBride, Leicester Library

“One of the most useful and used online products we have bought – a win-win for both customers and the library service”

Lucy Cross, Luton Library

“Good customer service.  I feel that any comments and queries I have raised have always been answered promptly”

Rita Musa, Wigan Library

“The customer response to the product has been excellent. Everyone has found the application easy and straightforward to use and has recommended it to their friends”

Andy Tomkys, Wolverhampton Library

If you’ve got any thoughts, we’d love to hear them.

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  1. 13 July 2011 4:47 pm

    The theory test pro service is very helpful.Just wanted to say thankyou! I practiced with questions and hazard perception clips online and not only passed my theory yesterday in my first sitting but got a bostful 50/50 in multiple choice questions!!!!!!

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