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DSA to stop publishing actual questions used in theory tests

1 November 2010

The Driving Standards Agency has today announced that they will stop publishing the actual questions that appear in the theory tests by 2012.

According to Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning MP,

“stopping the publication of the questions and answers will mean that candidates will have to understand the theory rather than memorise which answers to choose in the multiple choice section.”

This means that the DSA will manage two official question banks.

  1. A non-live question bank which will be licensed to The Stationery Office and other independent publishers like Theory Test Pro. These will be the only official questions published in the public domain.
  2. A live question bank which will only be used in actual tests. This will be kept secret and will never be published in the public domain.

The DSA has advised us that the new live question bank will not radically differ from the existing questions in any way; they will cover the same topics, but may be worded differently to prevent candidate recognition (as opposed to understanding) of the questions.

These changes will take effect at the beginning of 2012. Theory Test Pro will continue to be a reliable source of official DSA licensed materials throughout this transition.

Theory Test Pro subscribers will get all the necessary question bank updates automatically and be free of charge.

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