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How driving instructors can become mind readers

10 May 2011

It’s not always easy to tell if a student is having problems learning driving theory. A quick quiz during lessons can help but because most of the study work is done in isolation, it can be difficult for a driving instructor to spot specific problems.

We’ve found that Theory Test Pro removes the need for any guesswork (or mind reading) by providing instructors with an online student report card containing live data about what and when a student has been studying. This means that an instructor can see when a student needs encouragement or assistance with a particular topic. The report card even includes a predicted test score so an instructor can advise a student on whether they are ready to sit the real test or need to rebook.

ADIs can save their students from the unnecessary expense and stress of failing the test by spotting problems early. This is just one of the many ways that Theory Test Pro makes it easier for instructors to help their students and grow their business.

Try Theory Test Pro for Free

If you’re a driving instructor then you can create an account on Theory Test Pro for free. There are no setup fees, no contracts and no credit card details required to start your trial.

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