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In it to win it

18 July 2011

Last month we gave away a free one year subscription to three lucky driving instructors in a competition we ran in adiNEWS. Here’s a bit of interesting trival for you: Apparently the benchmark for a successful product competition is 20 entries. Want to know how many we got?

How’d it go?

Our competition got 23 entries which is a fraction what we’d normally get off a paid advertisement. For a magazine with a circulation of over 14,000 copies, I’d have expected at a couple hundred entries, especially when it’s a free giveaway.

If you’re fancy a freebie I’d encourage you to take a look at this month’s adiNEWS competition. By my calculation, you’ve probably got a 1 in 7 chance of winning one of the prizes. That’s certainly better odds than the lottery.

Note that when you enter a competition, your details are only shared with the advertiser if you win.

Apply for a Theory Test Pro prize

If you’re planning on running a charity raffle or ADI club event and need prizes then apply to us. We have a quota of free one year subscriptions that we can give away to good causes. Submit a request to us about your competition and we’ll be in touch.

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