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Little known ways of getting good deals on car insurance

25 July 2011

When you are learning to drive, you need insurance just as much as when you have passed your test. Your driving instructor will have insurance that allows you to drive his or her car when on a lesson.

If you have your own car this will need a minimum of Third Party cover and there are specialist companies that will provide cover as a learner driver but one of the questions you will need to ask is – “How much will the insurance increase once you pass your test?”

Some of these specialists may not be able to offer cover or will increase the premium significantly, as the risks to an insurance company are much higher when you drive unsupervised.

An alternative is to get learner driver insurance that will insure you to practise in a family car. These policies are good value and do not affect the insurance or no claims status of the car owner. They can also be taken out for one, two or three months and can be renewed as often as required. Prices are usually under £100 per month and these prices are the same regardless of the car, subject to a maximum car value of £20,000.

This blog post is by Nigel Lacy from Young Marmalade, a combined car purchase and comprehensive insurance scheme.

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