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What’s it like to be Well Informed intern?

30 January 2012

We’re very lucky to have had Nick Marshall working with us a Marketing Intern for the last three months. Sadly, he’s leaving us to move on to another placement, however before he went I asked Nick to write up a few thoughts on his time here at Well Informed.

I’m Nick, the Well Informed Marketing Intern. Over the last couple of months you may have received an email from me, read a blog post I’ve written or even seen some of the advertisement campaigns I’ve run. I’m finishing my 3 month internship this week and preparing to move on to new and exciting projects, but I thought I’d take the time to tell you all what working at Well Informed is like and to give you a glimpse of what I got up to during my time here.

I applied for the Well Informed internship as it closely matched my career interests. I was looking to work in software marketing and had enjoyed working for small firms in the past. There’s a lot of variety to the working day in a small company like Well Informed. This internship taught me to be adaptable, I wasn’t much of a multi-tasker when I started, now I feel much more confident taking on a variety of responsibilities at the same time.

As a marketing intern my work has focused on ensuring people knew about Theory Test Pro, librarians, driving instructors and learner drivers. Prior to this my only marketing experience was creating print ads and marketing emails for university societies, worthwhile experience but limited. With Well Informed I had to hit the ground running and learn a lot about marketing in a very short space of time. From the first hour of my first day I was contributing to the business. Here you can expect interesting tasks and real responsibility, its not always easy but its certainly never dull either.

Over the last few months I have been running a campaign to inform libraries about the forthcoming changes to the driving theory test and to highlight to them the benefits of subscribing to Theory Test Pro. Running this campaign was a highlight of my time here. First I had to set up build up a database of prospects, then there was the campaign planning and the  drafting of the advertisement materials. It was a great moment when the campaign finally went out and people started responding.

During this task I had to overcome several difficult challenges, however, I got to do it all again in a follow-up campaign allowing me to prove what I learnt from the first time around.

Another highlight was developing new web adverts to boost the number of learner drivers taking driving lessons with our instructor partnerships. By producing new creatives and a bit of clever form work I was able to lift our referral conversion rate. It’s very gratifying to see these changes

There’s been plenty of other marketing tasks for me to sink my teeth into. Writing blog posts and undertaking market research to name a couple. Outside of marketing I’ve also had the opportunity to work on other projects such as freelancer recruitment, website testing/QA and helping organising the office Christmas party (which I’m assured was a roaring success, my head is still a little fuzzy from that).

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