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UK 6th cheapest EU country for driving tuition

19 April 2012

With an average price of £23 per hour of professional tuition (not including block-booking discounts) the UK ranks equal with Estonia and Portugal as one of the cheapest places to learn to drive across the EU. The cost-conscious learner will be best off in Hungary and Slovakia, where the average cost of an hour of tuition is the equivalent of just £12.pound coins

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Liechtenstein is the priciest place in the EU to learn to drive. A hour’s driving tuition there will cost you an eye-watering £75. The second most expensive is Italy (£55 per hour), while Luxembourg (£54) comes in third.

The full list of per-hour EU driving lesson costs:

1. Liechtenstein – £77
2. Italy – £55
3. Luxembourg – £54
4. Norway – £51
5. Sweden – £50
6. Austria – £49
7. France – £46
8. Denmark – £44
9. Finland – £40
10. Netherlands – £38
11. Romania – £32
12. Belgium / Germany – £31
13. Spain – £30
14. Ireland / Greece / Czech Republic – £29
15. Lithuania – £24
16. United Kingdom / Estonia / Portugal – £23
17. Cyprus – £22
18. Latvia – £20
19. Slovenia – £19
20. Bulgaria – £18
21. Hungary / Slovakia – £12

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  1. UK 6th cheapest EU country for driving tuition. - BTI Driving School Blog

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