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Double your chances!

26 June 2012

timestwoRecently we had a question about our claim that students who use Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass first time as those who don’t. This is based on some research we carried out last year and then calculated using the power of mathematics. Oh yes.

The maths
First of all we asked the Driving Standards Agency to provide us with the official figures on the first-time pass rates for those taking the car theory test – you can find the raw data they provided herehere and here.

So, by combining all that data, you can make the following calculation:

Total tests taken in 2010/2011 (up until our Freedom of Information request was made)

Female:  638,836
Male:  707,351
Total:  1,346,187

First-time passes in the same period:

Female: 270,283
Male: 285,150
Total: 555,433

Therefore, the first time pass rate was 555,433/1,346,187 = 0.412597, or in a slightly more readable form, 41.25%. Not as high as you might expect.

We surveyed then surveyed two groups of students who had used Theory Test Pro. The groups were comprised of a larger group of library-based students, and a smaller group of students who had signed up to Theory Test Pro individually.

All in all we received 634 responses, of which 437 had taken their test and could provide valid data. Of those 437 responses, 357 passed first time, which is 357/437= 0.816933, or 81.7%.

So, as you can see, using Theory Test Pro does in fact double the likelihood of a student passing their test first time – from 41.2% to 81.7%.  We’re quite proud of this – it’s always good to know that you’re doing something to help someone.

If you’re an ADI or PDI and don’t believe us, try it out on your students free for 30 days by clicking here.

We’ve also come up with a quick quiz for learner drivers. Give it a go and see if you can pass first time!

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  1. permalink
    9 October 2012 10:13 pm

    I used theory pro plus that my instructor sent me and am happy to say passed first time,but you have to revise and revise and do a bit more revising, gald that its all done now tho

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