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Unsafe ADIs face instant suspension

27 June 2012

dead end signWatch out! Soon, driving instructors who ‘pose a threat to the public safety’ will face immediate suspension of their ADI registration or trainee license.

Legislation has been laid before Parliament that removes the existing 45-day waiting period required for an ADI to be struck from the Register or have their trainee license revoked. The legislation is expected to pass with no further changes, and will take effect from the 13 July.

The Government, however, took pains to stress that the new legislation would not be used often, and remained the ultimate sanction to be used in cases where ‘instructors have been convicted of a violent or sexual offence or are delivering tuition of a dangerously low standard’.

Instructors will retain their right to appeal against any decision to remove them from the register, and are still entitled to claim compensation for the period of suspension should they not be removed from the register.

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  1. 28 June 2012 7:44 pm

    This is long overdue and something all decent driving instructors have wanted for years.
    I just hope the DsA do not allow anyone to abuse this power.

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