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How much have you forgotten?

24 August 2012

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Recent research by GEM Motoring Assist suggests that less than 50% of those surveyed would be sure of passing, while a significant chunk, 41%, were unsure of how they’d do. By contrast, an impressive 67% of drivers thought that they would pass the practical test if they had to re-sit it today.

Does this mean theory skills degrade faster than practical skills, or just that people are more confident behind the wheel than they are with theory?

If you’d like to see how you’d fare, take a free trial theory test.

Of course, there are probably a few of you out there that reckon you’re Theory Test Pros, and would ace the test (Instructors, I’m thinking of you here).  We’ve got a special challenge for you – oh yes.

There are 10 questions that trip up the most first-time test-takers – do you think you’ve got the skills to get them all right (without peeking at your Highway Code)?

Click here to see how you measure up!  (Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know how you did)

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