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If at first you don’t succeed…

7 November 2012

105 attempts

Reports have emerged of a woman who has sadly failed her theory test a staggering 105 times, costing her an estimated £3,000.

The details appeared when the DSA released a list of ‘most theory test attempts’ by individuals. She has topped the list for the last few years. Second place goes to a gentleman with 84 attempts. Wow – that is dedication!

This raises the question: Are there some people who just can’t pass the theory test?

We’re certainly of the opinion that anyone should be able to pass the theory test, given sufficient training, and we hate to think of these poor people wasting any more money.

So here’s our offer: If anyone knows the either of these individuals (or their instructors), get in touch with us! We’d like to offer them a free subscription to Theory Test Pro. We’ve always enjoyed a challenge…

Do you think there are some people who just can’t be taught? 

Looking good?

1 October 2012

The Driving Standards Agency has released the first video showing what the new computer-generated hazard perception clips will look like.

For those who saw the two test clips released a couple of months ago, this new clip should be a pleasant surprise. Gone are the blocky cars and a white sky, in come realistic lighting, physics and even a bit of motion blur.

We think it’s a lot more convincing than the previous tests – what do you think?

HGV students left stranded

19 September 2012

We were saddened to hear that two HGV training schools – HGV Training Academy and HGV Training Limited – have dropped off the radar, apparently taking their students’ money with them. As you may have noticed, we take a dim view of companies who treat their customers badly.

What has this got to do with Theory Test Pro? Both companies paid to use our online theory test system, and between them had around 100 students registered with us. We’ve suspended both companies’ accounts with us until things are cleared up.

According to internet reports some of these companies’ students have paid around £900 or more for HGV training they’ve never received. Although we’ve suspended the HGV schools’ accounts, their students are innocent victims in all of this. It would be sad for them to lose their access to Theory Test Pro, so we’ve given each of their students that are registered with us a year’s free pass to use Theory Test Pro. It’s the least we can do.

We wish anyone who has potentially lost money with HGV Training Academy and HGV Training Limited all the best in getting it back.

Gareth & the Theory Test Pro team

P.S. If you’re thinking about getting yourself trained as an HGV driver, make sure you read this guide on how to avoid being scammed.

Even better than the real thing

31 August 2012
image of an early CGI test

Click image to see the video

A few weeks ago, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) announced that it would be taking steps to deal with a long-standing issue: the video quality of hazard perception clips. However, the solution was perhaps slightly more radical than many expected.

Instead of filming the clips in high definition video, the DSA announced that from August 2013, hazard perception clips would be rendered using computer graphics (CG). The first stage of the project will involve existing clips being redrawn in CG, something that should go a long way to resolving complaints that many older hazard clips are simply not clear enough for use. Read more…

How much have you forgotten?

24 August 2012

question mark

Recent research by GEM Motoring Assist suggests that less than 50% of those surveyed would be sure of passing, while a significant chunk, 41%, were unsure of how they’d do. By contrast, an impressive 67% of drivers thought that they would pass the practical test if they had to re-sit it today.

Does this mean theory skills degrade faster than practical skills, or just that people are more confident behind the wheel than they are with theory?

If you’d like to see how you’d fare, take a free trial theory test.

Of course, there are probably a few of you out there that reckon you’re Theory Test Pros, and would ace the test (Instructors, I’m thinking of you here).  We’ve got a special challenge for you – oh yes.

There are 10 questions that trip up the most first-time test-takers – do you think you’ve got the skills to get them all right (without peeking at your Highway Code)?

Click here to see how you measure up!  (Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know how you did)

Want your iPad/ iPhone to remember your Theory Test Pro login?

18 July 2012

How many of you out there access Theory Test Pro on an iPad or iPhone? How many of you are sick to the back teeth of having to re-enter your login details every time you do so? Help is at hand!

It turns out that Safari (the browser on Apple devices) is set by default not to record logins and passwords for websites. Thankfully, turning this feature back on is just a few clicks away. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the Settings app on the home screen
  2. Find ‘Safari’ and click it
  3. Click the ‘Autofill’ option
  4. Switch ‘Names & Passwords’ to ON

This means that now, when you log in to a website, Safari will offer to remember your username and passwords. There’s no guarantee it’ll work with every website out there, but it certainly makes logging into Theory Test Pro a lot faster. Hurrah!

Unsafe ADIs face instant suspension

27 June 2012

dead end signWatch out! Soon, driving instructors who ‘pose a threat to the public safety’ will face immediate suspension of their ADI registration or trainee license.

Legislation has been laid before Parliament that removes the existing 45-day waiting period required for an ADI to be struck from the Register or have their trainee license revoked. The legislation is expected to pass with no further changes, and will take effect from the 13 July. Read more…

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