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Theory test changes ahead: Are you ready?

Next year the DSA will stop publishing the actual questions used in the theory test.

This means that students can no longer rely on memorising questions from a book and expect to pass.

As an instructor, you can help your students develop a complete understanding of driving theory by using the best possible tools.

Introducing a smarter way of teaching driving theory

Theory Test Pro is online learning software for driving theory. It helps your students learn everything they need to pass their test, plus it has features that assist you as an instructor. If you’re a driving instructor then you can sign up for a free account and get a free 14-day trial.

Why is this better than books or CDs?

Accurate student progress

Get a true understanding of a student’s progress with online report cards that show their latest study activity and how likely they are to pass the official test.

Unlimited student accounts

Sign up as many students as you like without needing to worry about extra costs. You aren’t limited by the number of books or CDs that you have in stock.

Easy to share and control

We’ve taken the hassle out of handling books or CDs. Simply enter a student’s name and email address. We’ll send them an email message with everything they need to get started.

Automatic updates for free

Theory Test Pro automatically updates whenever the DSA changes the Highway Code or when new driving laws are introduced. No more worries about your study materials going out of date.

Support for over 40 languages

Foreign language students can choose to display tests with translated subtitles below the original English text.

Available on PC, Mac and mobile

Theory Test Pro is a web app which means it works on any internet connected device. You and your students can access it from home, work, school or on the move.

How can Theory Test Pro help you?

Motivate your students

Theory Test Pro provides you with live report cards showing what and when a student has been studying. This means you can see when a student needs encouragement or assistance with a particular topic. Each report card includes a predicted test score so you can advise your student on whether they are ready to sit the real test or need to rebook.

Compete against the big boys

Large franchises can afford to spend thousands of pounds on sophisticated online theory test systems. Most independent instructors don’t have the budget or resources to invest in technology like this. However, now you can level the playing field. For a few pounds a month you can add extra value to your lessons with free access to Theory Test Pro.

Generate new leads

Instructors get a personalised Theory Test Pro student sign up page. Promote and share your page everywhere – include it on your website, advertisements and flyers. When a prospective student signs up through your page they’ll get access to a free theory test trial. You’ll get their contact details and a valuable opportunity to sell them driving lessons.

Save money

Theory Test Pro is cheaper than buying books and CDs and easier to share too. For just a few pounds a month, you get a comprehensive theory test solution that can help your students and also help you grow your business. It’s free to try, there’s no minimum contract and you only start paying when you are ready.

100% free trial, no contract or credit card required


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