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The learner driver’s guide to road and traffic signs (Infographic)

22 August 2013

We’ve just seen this excellent infographic from and Red Driving School about the difficulty learner drivers have with deciphering the UK’s different road signs. It also contains some useful tips on how to identify the purpose of signs using colours and shapes. Enjoy!

Learner driver's guide to road signs
Brought to you by and RED Driving School

The Professional ADI: A new blog dedicated to Professional Driving Instructors.

22 August 2013

If you’re a professional driving instructor, currently training to become an ADI or looking to become a driving instructor then you may be interested in a new blog we launched, The Professional ADI.

We launched it to specifically address some of the information gaps that our users have identified and as such there will be plenty of posts that will help you become an even better driving instructor and help you grow your business.

Please come over to visit us, have a read and leave a comment.

The Professional ADI.


New promotional poster available for ADIs

2 August 2013

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new customisable poster available for you to download. If you are an ADI using Theory Test Pro, you can customise the poster, print it out and use it to promote your driving services.

You can download the poster here: Theory Test Pro Promo Poster

ADI Promotional Poster Theory Test Pro

Hold your tongue

5 February 2013

Hold on to your tongues, the Government is proposing to remove foreign language support for those taking the driving theory or practical tests.stop_sign

In a consultation, the Driving Standards Agency has said that it would like to completely abolish foreign language support, since it costs the Agency some £25 million a year to maintain the 19 foreign-language voiceovers, and provide interpreters, and the DSA is not legally obliged to provide language assistance, only to provide tests in English and Welsh, and voiceovers for those with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.
Read more…

Take the winter theory test!

14 December 2012

Winter WeatherGetting up in the dark. Scraping ice off the car. Listening intently to the weather forecast. Hoping the grit doesn’t ruin the paintwork. Yes – the British winter has rolled around again.

But while moaning about the weather is something we can all do, driving safely in adverse conditions can be a tricky business.

That’s why we’ve pulled together a short, ADI-level quiz that’ll test your knowledge of winter driving theory. To ensure it’s a stern test all the questions have been taken from the most recent DSA update to the ADI question bank.

And, since this an ADI-level quiz, we’ve set the bar high – you’ll need to get 90% or more correct to convince us that you’re a winter Theory Test Pro. Reckon you’ve got what it takes?

Take the test now! 

How to complain to Google about scam booking websites

7 December 2012

We’ve been campaigning to get rid of scam theory test booking sites for a while now, but Google have not been terribly responsive to our complaints.

However, speaking on a recent episode of Watchdog Daily, Google admitted that at least one of the sites we’ve been complaining about does in fact break its advertising rules, and has agreed to remove the site. So complaints do work! You can help keep up the pressure on Google by submitting your own complaint.

Complaining to Google can be a bit tricky, so we’ve created this guide to help you through the process.

1. Right click this link and select ‘open in new window’.

2. Enter your email address, and select ‘Landing page/site where you end up after clicking on the ad’ and then select ‘a text or image ad’. It should look like the image on the right.

3. Click ‘Continue’

4. Open a new tab or window in your browser. Use Google to search for ‘Book theory test’

5. Right click the first advert’s link and select select one of the following, based on your browser: Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer); Copy Link Location (Firefox); Copy Link (Safari); Copy Link Address (Chrome).

6. Paste that into the first box.

7. Paste the following text into the second box.

They do not accurately represent the added value that they’re charging for.
They do not clearly and prominently state their affiliation/non-affiliation with the government or official body.
They do not clearly mention that the original service is available for a charge.
They do not provide a working link to the official source with equal prominence at the point of entry to the service.

8. Click ‘Submit’.

That’s it – we’re done. If you’d like to complain about more than one website, just repeat the steps and select a different ad in step 5.

What can a fighter pilot teach us about driving?

19 November 2012

You might wonder what flying a jet has in common with driving a car. Well, during both you’re being bombarded with information about potential hazards. You may think your eyes are simply windows that perfectly transmit all the visual data about the world, but that’s far from the truth…

When you move your head and eyes to scan a scene… …you see the image in a series of very quick jumps (called saccades) with very short pauses (called fixations) and it is only during the pauses that an image is processed.

This might sound crazy, but your brain actually blocks the image that is being received while your eyes are moving. This is why you do not see the sort of blurred image, that you see when you look sideways out of a train window.

To find out more about how your driving is affected, including some simple tests to demonstrate just how much your eyes aren’t telling you, click here to read the full article.

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